Digital Matter is a technology company that designs and develops embedded electronic devices - and the software that makes them work and communicate.

The devices range from mobile GPS devices communicating on the GSM and satellite networks, through to 'black box' electronics specific to your requirements.

Our engineering skills, research and development, and experience make us the ideal partner to help you design, develop and deploy your technology solution.

We have a team of over 18 embedded engineers and developers with many years of experience and a proven track record of delivery.

Technology Venture Capital

One of our preferred models is to partner with people who have an idea for an electronics product and have specialist industry knowledge but do not have the technical ability or funding to commercialize the idea.

If we like the idea we will get involved on a risk basis, either taking a stake in the new venture or developing the new technology on an exclusive licensed basis.

Industrial Design

Digital Matter partners with industrial designers to design and develop housings and packaging to provide both form and functionality.

We can grow sample housings which are used to verify the final look and feel of the product. We use a range of products including off-the-shelf housings, custom fabricated metal housings and injection moulding tools.

Contract Manufacture

Digital Matter outsources contract manufacturing of printed circuit boards and board assembly to a number of different partners depending on the size of the project.

We use a number of suppliers in South Africa and China allowing us to manufacture products that are globally competitive but are still subject to our strict quality standards.

Assembly and Testing

Depending on the project requirements we will provide resources to oversee final assembly and testing of the products. Quite often this involves designing and implementing an automated programming and testing station that allows large volumes of product to be processed quickly.

This process will often also involve programming devices with a unique serial number which is tracked in a central production database.

If you have a technology or telematics requirement please chat to us... We would love to hear from you!